Welcome to my Blog!!

Argh! I swear I jinxed myself so bad calling my blog ‘CurrentlyCara’!

…After a fairly up-to-date beginning in the blogging world, I have since fallen off the horse big time and found myself seriously behind with posts! However, the good news is that my excuse for lack of writing is that I’ve been busy doing a tonne of travelling! Ugh.. not another travel blog I hear you say. Yes amigo, I’m sorry to say that you have stumbled upon one of a gazillion travel blogs on the big old world wide web. So what’s the point of this one? Well if I’m being honest, because it’s good for me (so selfish!), and it could be good for you! I get to feel like I’ve left a tiny footprint in cyberspace and indulge my passion for writing, and you might just read a handy hint or two that could be just the thing for one of your own trips. 

Now, to the nitty gritty – what’s to be found here? In a nutshell – a series of posts showcasing the different locations that I’ve travelled to, featuring my highlights and lowlights, travel tips, and little bits and pieces about fashion, interior design and cuisine. I’ve also made recommendations of what to see and do, where to stay, what to eat, and where to party. Where have I been? Since I quit my job for the dream that is traveling the world in May 2014 I have travelled through 34 countries and counting. My travel has mainly been focused across Europe and through Central and South America, but there have also been some fun stops in countries such as Morocco, Turkey, and Cuba along the way!

Passport In Hand. Carmen Sandiego Vibin'.

Passport In Hand. Carmen Sandiego Vibin’.

Sometimes, OK mostly, I write a lot (sorry, it’s just that I never want you to miss out on something really fabulous!) and sometimes I write only a little, but I always include a bunch of fun and colourful snapshots to keep things and interesting. You’ll also find a sprinkling of quotes inspired by the places I’ve seen and things I’ve done, because sometimes famous people just say it so much better!

As I’m still on the go, searching out new and wonderful places around the globe (and experiencing seriously intermittent WIFI!), my writing is back-dated and fairly sporadic – so make sure you check back in every now and again to see what new locations I’ve added. Oh, and also… You’ll have to keep in mind that I’m travelling on a backpacker budget, so there’s nothing super fancy-pants about my experiences (even though I have an obsession for all things glam)!

Happy scrolling… With love, Cara xxx

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