So, who is this Cara anyways?

So you wanna know who I am huh? Well here’s a little summin’ summin’ for you then…

Life Story:

I was born in Switzerland but moved to New Zealand with my Mum, Dad and little sister when I was only tiny and definitely consider myself a Kiwi girl through and through. I was raised in a truly beautiful little place in the world called Queenstown (sure I may be a little biased but I think most visitors to this town would agree – you just gotta visit this place!). I attended high school and university in Dunedin (infamous in my day for its insane student culture) and in 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology and a Bachelor of Physical Education majoring in Sport and Leisure Studies.  At the beginning of 2011 I headed across to the ditch to the ‘land down under’, a.k.a Australia, to start my career as an Exploration Geologist. The outback and the rocks were great and all, but after 3 and a half years I was ready to feed the wanderlust in my heart.  So, in May 2014, I quit my job, packed my bags, grabbed my little sister, booked a ticket and started the journey I’m now chronicling in this blog.

Me, Me, Me… I, I, I:

I’ve got a serious passion for fashion. I would describe my signature look as a pair of fun over-sized sunnies, bold lipstick and a whole lotta colour. I like to keep up with the latest trends and styles but nothing makes me happier than a gorgeous vintage find. I believe your best fashion accessory is a big ol’ smile. My celebrity style icons include Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Audrey Hepburn. I love to collect beautiful things (clothes, furniture, treasures, pictures, books – you name it) and could spend hours experimenting with displaying them in different ways. In every space I find myself, my head starts to fill with ideas of how to make it more beautiful. I love to read, I love to dance, I love to love and I love to travel (just in case you haven’t picked up on that last one already). I couldn’t live without my family and friends, my cat ‘Smokey’, and my teddy bear ‘Bobo’. I enjoy keeping fit through just about any sport I can get my hands on, and it’s just as well because I seem to have been born with a whole mouth full of sweet teeth.. I just can’t say no to dessert!

Cue a bunch of pictures where I think I look good….

IMG_2257 IMG_3158 IMG_4372 IMG_5289 IMG_5330 IMG_5758   IMG_7195 IMG_7232

For more of my shameless selflies and pictures of what I’m up to you should check me out on instagram @caraisabellamcmeeken

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